I am a Nano enthusiast.

Why do I believe in Nano? Because I've never had to brush things aside, ignore elephants in the room, or outright lie to defend it. I created this site to dispel some of the rumors or misinformation about a coin which will be one of the most important in the future. Nano is feeless, instant, and decentralized. It does one thing, and does it well.

I am not affiliated with the Nano Foundation.

There is nothing official about this website. In fact, it's simply a guy on the internet, and we all know how believable they are. That being said, I consider myself pretty trustworthy--I've attempted to cite every reference I have used to build this website, and if anything is incorrect I will happily remove it. I'm doing my best to be objective and only state facts.

Much thanks is owed.

The idea for this site came from a reddit postoriginal_post, which linked the XRP Fud Bingo websitefud_bingo. I shamelessly borrowed the notecard CSS code from hereflip_card, and the background from herebackground_site. The Nano logo was ripped directly from the Nano.org sitenano before getting the MSPaint treatment. I am not a professional web developer. Most of my time was spent fighting CSS.
If you would like to donate help host this website, I accept Nano!


Suggestions? Please send to: NanoFUD.com@gmail.com